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An international career. You are here because you’ve thought about it, but you know it can be a challenge to gain a good perspective of all the things that need to be arranged before this dream becomes a reality.

We created this website to help dentists like yourself on your way to finding work in the Netherlands. We do this by answering the most important questions: Will I need to learn Dutch? How do I arrange the required paperwork? How can I find a job? What’s the housing market like?

With our freely accessible information and articles, we aim to help turn your desire to work as a dentist in Holland into a concrete, thought-out plan.

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What we’ve written about labour migration

Our blog section contains articles on various topics related to labour migration. They offer interesting information on the Dutch dentistry sector, as well as more detailed explanations of how to arrange certain documents, and accounts of what it is like to live and work in the Netherlands.

“Erasmus and Labour Mobility”

“Dentistry and Paperwork: 6 Checkpoints”

“The 30% Ruling”

“A Spaniard as the Gem of a Dutch Clinic”

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