A Super Weekend For Dentistry

By 11 maart 2016Career

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been working even harder than usual at DPA Dentistry. Apart from dedicating ourselves — as always — to our key activities of recruitment and education, we were also preparing to present ourselves at not one but two dentistry exhibitions. As we speak, DPA Dentistry is present at both the Expodental in Madrid, Spain and the Dental Expo in Amsterdam, Holland. Not only do these events take place in opposite ends of Europe; they also represent two different phases in the work we do.


At the Expodental in Madrid, our DPA recruiters are meeting with dentists from Spain and Portugal to inform them about the possibilities of working in the Netherlands. To do this in a way that is interactive, informative and fun all at the same time, we have designed the “Become A Dentist in 10 Minutes” circuit. As the title suggests, any dentist can spend just 10 minutes at our stand and know exactly which steps they should take to continue their career in Holland. Of course, our recruiters are also there to talk to those who want additional information.


We also brought some extra material and gifts along, such as the DPA Yearbook, which contains personal accounts of all 38 dentists who participated in our project in 2015. This Yearbook was so popular that we already ran out of all copies in one afternoon, and we had to go print additional ones to resupply for the weekend.

Dental Expo

Not far from our homebase, back in Amsterdam, Holland, our account managers are meanwhile attending the Dental Expo in the Amsterdam RAI. At this event, we cover the other side of our work by talking to clinics who are looking for new, talented dentists. Our account managers inform interested clinic owners, managers and dentists on how we select our dentists and what we do to ensure they are not only able to work according to Dutch dental protocols, but excel in this new environment.


For the Dental Expo we have also created an interactive way of getting to know us and the dentists we work with. With our Culture Game, we challenge the visitors of our stand to test their knowledge of the original countries, languages and cultures of our dentists. Are they able to recognise the difference between Portuguese in Spanish cultures? Can they tell their Latvian from their Lithuanian? The participants with the highest scores have a chance at winning a Spanish night in Amsterdam.

A busy, rewarding weekend

With these concurrent events in Spain and the Netherlands we cover both ends of our projects, from the recruitment phase in various European countries to the employment stage in the Netherlands. It may have taken tons of preparation, but judging by the great people we have so far met and spoken with in both Madrid and Amsterdam, it will have been very much worth it.

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Last update: March 11, 2016