Dentist Joana Pinto Tells Us About Life In The Netherlands

By 5 december 2017 december 30th, 2018 Ambassadors, Testimonials

With the BGB ambassador program, dentists who came to the Netherlands with BGB use their experience to help other dentists with their questions and doubts. We asked a few of our ambassadors to introduce themselves to you by telling about their personal history, their experience with BGB and what their average workday looks like. Today Joana Pinto from Portugal tells us her story.I am Joana Pinto, a Portuguese dentist who is working in the Netherlands since 2015. I am happy with my new life style and working environment. So far, life here has met my expectations; a good salary that I could not have in Portugal, working hours that allow me to spend more time with my family as well as the opportunity to perform different types of treatments and learning while I am working. And above all, together with my husband, we are planing to buy a house in the Netherlands.

My Dutch colleagues are friendly, warm and respectful and they make me feel welcome and part of the team. I live in a small village close to Rotterdam in the South of Holland. The clinic that I work for is situated in another village in the same area. Every day I start to work at 8 am. I have my own room with my computer, so I can check my agenda and I can see who are my patients and the treatments for the day. As a dentist, we need to feel comfortable and have all the necessary materials to be used while working, and the Dutch dental clinics provide us with that. My day is a real marathon as I have around 20-25 patients per day, both adults and children. I always work with an assistant and we do differents types of treatments from check-ups, extractions, restaurations to perio treatments etc. We have a one-hour break and we always try to be on schedule and finish the last treatment at 5pm.

My work effort is recognized not only by the management but also by my patients. In these past two years, I feel very happy about my achievements in both the personal and professional aspects of my life. Working here has also given me the opportunity to travel around and get to know different cultures and people. Of course, there were challenging steps along the way: for me, the language was the most challenge part. At the beginning the interaction with my patients and colleagues was difficult for me. However, everyone is very understanding and helpful, which made the learning process much easier.

The Netherlands is a great country but still, it is not easy to leave your country and start a new life far away from family and friends. It is necessary to be highly motivated and really have the willingness to initiate an adventure of this kind, but once you do, this will enable you to achieve your goals. That is my own experience and I hope that you will succeed with your own experience too.