Learning Dutch in Seefeld

You got in touch with DPA Dentistry because you were thinking about starting a new career abroad.  You went to the final interviews in Amsterdam, you arranged all the necessary paperwork, and now it’s time to take the next step in this process: learn Dutch at our academy in Seefeld, Austria.

Moving to another country is a big step to take, and most likely you feel nervous and excited at the same time. You know that you are going to follow a Dutch course for four months, and you will be able to speak Dutch at B2 level when you arrive in the Netherlands. But what will your life look like during these three months? What can you expect? And what will happen after you arrive in Holland?

Where it all begins

After you have said goodbye to friends and family and take the plane to Austria, we make sure that a taxi picks you up and drops you off at Hotel Wetterstein. This is where the language academy is located, and it will be your new, temporary home in the village of Seefeld. One of our DPA colleagues will be present to welcome you and your new classmates, and to make sure that you are all settled to start our intensive language course. You will be spending the next three months with like-minded dentists who are also at the start of this new adventure. Next to the start of a new career, this is also the beginning of some good friendships. However, you won’t have much time to get used to everything, because on Monday you have your first day of class!

Let’s learn some Dutch

The course in Seefeld is an intensive one, but the environment is very suitable to focus completely on learning Dutch. You will have your own room, and breakfast, lunch and dinner are included. You will have three hours of class in the morning and three hours in the afternoon. We ask  for your hard work and determination, but we promise you it will be worth it. DPA, our teachers and the Hotel Wetterstein crew will make sure of that!

Our teachers use a range of activities and exercises to make the process of learning a new language as effective as possible. The first few weeks we will focus on learning general Dutch, and towards the end this focus will shift towards dentistry-related vocabulary so that you will be able to function in a Dutch dental clinic. Music, role-playing, e-learning, games: they all have a part in our course.

We also ask our students to take the Multiple Intelligence Test before they start their course. This gives us a small preview of what learning style  each student has,  so that we can incorporate this into our classes and make the learning process easier and more pleasant for you.

Time for fun

Even though most of your time will be consumed by emerging yourself into the Dutch language, there is also time for more light-hearted activities. Josie, one of our colleagues at Hotel Wetterstein and a mentor for many of our dentists,  always makes sure that our dentists not leave Austria without seeing some of the glorious Austrian Alps. Besides making delicious food, she is also a great tour guide and she can show you all the beautiful places in the mountains that surround Seefeld.


There is also a lounge in the hotel where everyone comes together in the evening to make homework or simply to relax and watch a movie or play a game (Quartet and Who Am I are just a few of our dentists’ favorites). The village of Seefeld is small but has plenty to offer. There is a gym, a cinema and a swimming pool and there are also various of outdoor activities available during the summer and winter.

Like a Dutchie

Once you arrive in the Netherlands you can put all your newly acquired knowledge to practice. However, this doesn’t mean that the learning process will stop. Whenever you’re ready, we offer you to take the Dutch State Exam at B2 level.  If you need extra assistance with obtaining a higher level, we will provide you with this. We also organize excursions in which we combine expanding your knowledge of the Dutch language with fun! Examples include biking through the Dutch tulip fields or a historic city tour in the heart of Amsterdam.

Friendships that last

Another perk of your stay in Austria is your social contacts. You will be spending three months with other dentists who are all in the same situation. Seefeld is the beginning for friendships that will last long after the course. Luckily Holland is a small country, so even if you work at the other side of the country, you are never more than a trainride away!

Throughout the year we also organize events, such as Sinterklaas, in which we all come together. This gives you the opportunity to meet other dentists.

You will find out soon enough that the favorite word of many of our dentists is ‘borreltje’ which translates into having drinks. There is always a good excuse for some ‘gezelligheid’. Our course in Seefeld is an experience that you won’t forget, and it’s only the beginning!

Are you already excited to start learning Dutch? Check out our Youtube channel where you will find a range of videos that help you learn Dutch.

Written by Daniëlla Visser

Last updated: May 2, 2015