The sun is starting to shine more, the tulips are beginning to grow again, and the first festival beers have been consumed: spring has arrived in the Netherlands! Expect outdoor festivals, happy faces and a lot of ‘borrels’. With this news update, we would like to share some of the exciting things that are happening these months with DPA, the dentistry project, and Dutch dentistry in general.

Dutch language course

Let us start by introducing our new pre-Seefeld program. As of the 1st of January 2017, all foreign dentists are required to pass a language exam before they can be registered at the BIG (a medical registration required to be able to work in Holland as a healthcare professional), and we adjusted our language course accordingly. In March, the first group started with our new program, which consists of DPA e-learning combined with 4 hours of virtual classes a week. They had reached A1 level (CEFR) by the time they started the course in Seefeld. After the Seefeld course, there will be an exam training followed by the exam itself. It’s very exciting to see how everything will go, and we are lucky to work with yet another group full of highly motivated dentists.

This group, called “Group 18”, arrived in Seefeld in the weekend of Easter and had their first class on Monday April 17. The class was given by our teachers Maaike and Tim.
It’s nice to see that this group contains different nationalities. Each one with their own culture, but together united as one group. To give you an idea of these dentists and where they come from, for this group we have selected: Tuncay and Alexander from Bulgaria; Javier, Iván and Amaia from Spain; João and Celso from Portugal, and finally, Paolo, Valentina and Alessandro from Italy.

While one group is learning Dutch in Seefeld, the other group is starting their new life in the Netherlands. Since the beginning of April, our 17th group has started working in the Netherlands, and we organized a welcome meeting with them, which included a visit to the Heineken Experience in the centre of Amsterdam. Our DPA dentist communities are growing fast, especially in the east of the country. Give them a warm welcome!

Next groups

Regarding the coming few months, we are already selecting the groups of July and September.

As always, if you know friends or other dentists who are interested in working in the Netherlands, just let us know or tag them in our posts of Dentist in Holland Facebook page!

Spring and summer events in the country

Finally, the festival season also kicked off some weeks ago!

Click on the event calendar to the right to check out the upcoming events in our country.

If you need some extra inspiration, you can always contact us to find out where what is happening! We will also keep you posted on any Dentistry events coming up.

Enjoy the summer!