Report: The Careers in White Job Fair, Thessaloniki (Greece)

By 4 oktober 2017Greece

Last weekend, I had the privilege to attend the Careers in White job fair in Thessaloniki. Apart from it being my first time in the city, it was also my first time meeting with the colleagues and people of Careers in White.

Although everything was new to me, I noticed that the employees of Careers in White were experienced in organising these events. The stages were built in what seemed like seconds, and they further impressed by offering help and support in all situations, and by offering a lunch at the roof top of the Electra Palace Hotel.

During the event itself I met a lot of dentists, both experienced dentists and young, promising ones, each with their own story and future plans.

It’s my habit to bring typical Dutch candy and snacks to any foreign event, but unfortunately the Greek visitors didnt’t like the Dutch licorice that much, although they did like the Dutch “stroopwafels“.

As “counterpresent”, some Greek visitors bought me the Greek “profiterol”, which almost made my lunch unnecessary. Delicious!

Looking back on the event and two days in Thessaloniki, I am really satisfied and excited about everything: the city, the job fair, the dentists I met and of course, the smooth organisation of Careers in White.

This means that I definitely will come back to Thessaloniki again, as well as attending upcoming events of Careers in White!

If you haven’t attended the job fair in Thessaloniki Sunday the 21st of June and you would like to know more about working as a dentist in the Netherlands, contact me at: