A Spanish Dentist as the Gem of a Dutch Clinic

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“How would you like it if a Spaniard came to work in your clinic?” Clinic manager Kirsten Schimmel of TandCare Apeldoorn was not convinced right away when she first spoke to Maarten Slagter of BGB Dentistry – at that time known as DPA Dentistry. A foreign dentist was not at the top of her wishlist. One-and-a-half year later, Spaniard Ruslan Bosch Robaina is the gem of the clinic. “Everyone loves Ruslan. He is just a darling.”

Hard to convince

“Initially, I was sceptical about the idea of having a foreign dentist in our clinic. How is his Dutch? Does he have the same amount of professional knowledge and experience as a Dutch dentist? What service do I get in return for the broker costs?” Kirsten Schimmel was approached by BGB Dentistry multiple times, but despite her interest, she postponed hiring a foreign dentist.

Positive feeling about the BGB team

Until the moment she urgently needed to look for a qualified dentist. Sparked by her curiosity, she accepted BGB’s invitation to get to know each other. “We were immediately on the same wavelength. Maarten gave me the confidence that he and his team could help us find the right dentist.

Intensive, certified education

Around the same time, Ruslan was following the course Dentistry in the Netherlands with the BGB Academy. In a special training institute in Seefeld, Austria, Spanish dentists are prepared for the Dutch job market. For over three months, they receive intensive Dutch training and an integration course. They also receive additional job-related training, enabling them to work according to the protocols and demands of Dutch dental clinics. “I studied dentistry in Madrid. Jobs there are hard to come by, so I decided I would continue my career in England or the Netherlands.” Through the internet, Ruslan found out about BGB Dentistry and got in touch.

“Patients respond very positively to Ruslan. He is so enthusiastic and skilled, so nobody cares when he talks with a slight accent.”

Kirsten Schimmel, clinic manager with TandCare Apeldoorn

Strict selection

“The selection procedure was quite intensive: first I was interviewed by recruiter Arjen Versteeg through Skype; later I met the whole BGB team personally in Barcelona. Based on a few tough interviews, a clinical case with a Dutch dentist and a visit to the Netherlands, I was admitted into the project.” Several months ensued for Ruslan and his fellow students. But everyone was so motivated to start a new life as a dentist in the Netherlands, the three months were over before they knew it.

From Skype to trial period

Kirsten and Ruslan first met each other through Skype. “To conduct an important job interview through Skype: that was definitely a new experience for me. But I immediately liked Ruslan. He struck me as a positive and passionate person, not to mention his Dutch was great and all his documentation had already been taken care of.” The Spanish dentist had a one-month trial period in Apeldoorn, after which he was given a contract. “Patients are very positive about Ruslan. He is so enthusiastic and professional, and with those qualities noone cares that he has a slight accent.

Clinic manager Kirsten Schimmel is very positive about BGB’s work. “Maarten’s team is involved and enthusiastic, which in turn gives me energy. They take care of every little detail in organising and arranging the entire process. BGB is on top of everything and leaves nothing to chance. In the end, though, everything comes down to costs and benefits, and that balance is more than satisfactory. The investment is totally worth it. We received more than 600 new patients in Ruslan’s first half year with our clinic. And the number is still rising. We even employed a second Spanish dentist for our clinic in The Hague.

“Maarten’s team is involved and enthusiastic, which in turn gives me energy. They take care of every little detail in organising and arranging the entire process. BGB is on top of everything and leaves nothing to chance.”

— Kirsten Schimmel, clinic manager TandCare Apeldoorn

Maarten Slagter, account manager with BGB Dentistry, says: “all foreign dentists BGB works with, speak Dutch. Once they work here, we also sign them up for the EU-certified Dutch state exam. Every dentist has a BIG registration, which is obligatory for Dutch medical personnel. Furthermore, they have titer test documentation in accordance with Dutch standards, as well as a Dutch x-ray certificate 5/AM through the ACTA. We also aid dentists in registering with several Dutch quality registers and dentistry organisations. They take care of insurance, housing and taxes themselves, but we are ready to help them with this should they require assistance.”

Image source: “Red and yellow tulips” by Naomi IBUKI – Flickr. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons