Spanish Dentist Wins Professional Award at Quality Practice Event

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During one of the themed events of Quality Practice, the Spanish dentist Ersilia González made a good impression. In one of the workshops, she made an exceptionally good bonded bridge. For this strong display of dentistry skills, she was given a professional award on the spot. Given that Ersilia is a young talent who only recently moved from sunny Spain to the chilly Netherlands, this is quite the achievement.

“During the Quality Practice event, the young foreign dentists of DPA were well-represented. With their enthusiasm, expertise and ambition, they make a valuable contribution to the Dutch dentistry sector.”
– Eva Povel, director of ACTA

Quality Practice: social and educative safety net

When Ersilia set foot on Dutch soil, she certainly didn’t have to chatter her teeth: she quickly found herself a cozy spot in a dental clinic in Groningen, where her expertise is greatly appreciated. Through DPA, she also became a member of Quality Practice — an initiative of the Amsterdam Academic Centre of Dentistry (ACTA) and the Quality Register of Dentists (KRT). This certified continued education program for dentists offers a multitude of possibilities to young international talent that has just settled in the Netherlands.

Building a network, better integration and moving forward with their careers: with Quality Practice, dentists from abroad increase their chances on the job market and find more work. Ersilia is no exception. Naturally, the value of Quality Practice also works the other way around: the platform provides Dutch professionals with some useful insight into the state of dentistry elsewhere in Europe. Three upcoming Quality Practice events will bring together professionals from different outcorners of Europe. They have a common goal: to improve the Dutch dentistry sector.

Two-way traffic on the information highway

The theme of the most recent Quality Practice event was ‘Restoring aesthetics and functionality’. During this event, dentists learned how, in case of erosion or restauration, you can make it so that the patient’s teeth do not just retain their primary functions, but also end up looking better. When, at the start of the day, ACTA director Eva Povel asked if there were any DPA dentists in the room, a few Spanish hands went up quickly. During the training and workshop sessions that ensued, these Spanish dentists worked closely with Dutch dentists. This latter group encompasses various groups of dentists, ranging from beginners to seasoned professionals with over thirty years worth of experience.

The best of both worlds

Ersilia González proved that experience does not always have to be the decisive factorTandarts-Ersilia when it comes to the finer aspects of dentistry. During one of the workshops, she crafted a particularly excellent bonded bridge out of composite: an implant used to replace a tooth or molar. According to Dr. Van Pelt, who supervised the training, Ersilia’s bonded bridge was ‘pretty much perfect’ design-wise. Aditionally, the restorative dentistry expert considered Ersilia to have ‘best applied the essence of the training’ of all dentists present. Spanish technique and Dutch knowledge turn out to be a great match.

Professional award underlines value of international talent

Ersilia González’s achievement is remarkable for a dentist who has only been working in the Netherlands for such a short period of time. Dr. Van Pelt therefore rewarded her with an award for her professionalism and enthusiasm. With this award, he underlines the importance of foreign skills for the Dutch dentistry sector. A constructive deed that further helps to dispel any prejudices surrounding professional talent from abroad.

Last updated: May 2, 2017