Dentist Teresa on Learning Dutch and Moving to the Netherlands

By 6 november 2017Our dentists

Teresa Abadía is a Spanish dentist from Madrid. When she was 12 years old, she traveled to the Netherlands for the first time. Now, almost 20 years later, she is preparing to go live in the Netherlands, where she is going to work as a dentist. We talked to Teresa and asked her about her motivation to join the DPA project and move to the Netherlands.

First impressions

When asked about her first impressions of DPA, Teresa says that joining the project has been a low-stress process from the very start. Of course, not every moment is easy, but there is always someone who can point out what the next step should be.

The very first step–choosing to move to the Netherlands–came very naturally. Teresa’s life in Spain had its perks: a nice house, lovely friends and a good life. At the same time, she knew that the Spanish labour market was not going to offer her what she wanted. A big challenge, truly growing as a dentist: these were things that she would have to look for abroad. And she found them in the Netherlands.


The DPA project doesn’t start at the DPA Academy in Seefeld, but at home in the e-learning environment. Teresa is glad to have gotten the opportunity to start learning Dutch from home. The classes were convenient and she considers the co-operation with Maaike a highlight, although she thinks the online platform used during the classes could use some improvement.


After successfully concluding the e-learning program, Teresa went to Seefeld, Austria, where the next three months of Dutch language learning take place. Looking back on her time in the hotel so far, Teresa is satisfied about the friendly staff, well-prepared classes, books and utilities. She also likes Seefeld itself, although things can sometimes get a bit quiet in this serene mountain village, especially to a Madrid native.

It also proved a challenge to go back to studying years after having graduated from university, but Teresa handled this well by exploring the environment inbetween study sessions, making sure she had enough variation to avoid getting frustrated.

DPA and the future

Teresa’s experience with DPA has also been pleasant. She can feel that both the people at the Amsterdam office and the teachers in Seefeld are excited about her success. Career consultants and account managers visit Seefeld regularly and keep everyone updated on what the near future holds.

For Teresa, this future is a brand new job in Amsterdam, where she will start her internship as soon as she finishes the course in Seefeld. All she needs now is to find a place where she can live with her cats, and she has everything she needs to start life in the Netherlands. A life that, Teresa expects, will bring her stability, fun challenges and new experiences.

Teresa hopes that her story will provide some insight into what it is like to move to the Netherlands, and help other European dentists decide if they would like to take this big step as well.