The Seefeld Course – Language Training and More

By 29 september 2016 december 30th, 2018 Moving to the Netherlands

Before you are eligible to work in the Netherlands, you must first complete the course in Seefeld, Austria. While by far the biggest part of this three-month course is spent on intensive language learning, there are some other components that are also vital in preparing you for your Dutch dentistry career. In this article we will take a deeper look at the Seefeld course; both its language training and other aspects.

The intent of the language course is to take you from 0 to B2 level over the course of four months. Speaking Dutch at B2 level is what qualifies you as an independent user. This means that you will be able to communicate clearly in standard situations relating to day-to-day life and your profession. To achieve this, we have our own course material, consisting of books, videos, materials and music that all cater to dentistry.

In Seefeld, however, the language course entails more than just reaching B2 level. Because we have the advantage that every student has the same profession, we are able to put extra focus on mastering dentistry-related vocabulary and phrases. We do this for example by letting the all students participate in roleplays as dentists and patients, in order to emulate the interaction that typically goes on in a dental clinic. This focus on communication with both patients and colleagues greatly boosts your skills and confidence for when they start working in the Netherlands.

We expand on the dental-focused learning by also offering classes on Dutch dental protocols. After all, the Dutch way of working will differ from what you are used to in your own country. These won’t be day-and-night differences, but still things you will want to know about in advance. Possible differences might be the way in which we talk to patients, but also the types of treatments we apply to various dental problems.

In addition to the communication between dentists in patients, this course also covers the communication with potential employers. During our job application training, you will learn how to handle an interview and make sure to maximise your chances of obtaining your desired job.

Finally, we also offer training with two commonly used types of dental software: Simplex and Exquise. During these classes, you will learn what treatments you are able to declare and how you can use these programs to do it. We offer this training in addition to the language classes so that, in your work, this small but important technical aspect will not be of hindrance as you adapt to your new environment.

In short, you will get an extensive language training that helps you master both dentist-specific Dutch and the general language; you will receive classes on the protocols, habits and pitfalls of Dutch dentistry, and you will learn how to use the most common pieces of Dutch dentistry software. This combination helps us fulfill the purpose of the Seefeld course: after four months, there should no longer be anything that separates you from a skilled, motivated Dutch dentist.

Last updated: May 2, 2017