Step 1 – Skype or personal interview

Meet BGB Dentistry

During your first Skype or personal interview with one of our recruiters, we will evaluate your personal possibilities. We will discuss your education, your cv, your personal situation and your ambitions. By doing this, we can not only decide if you are the right candidate for our project, but also if the project is the right step for you at this point in your dentistry career.

In case we both agree to continue the selection process, the next step is a personal interview at our main office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Here you will get the chance to meet the BGB team and ask any questions you might still have. We will also evaluate your capabilities with the help of an experienced Dutch dentist, as well as discussing the contract.

After we agree to co-operate, you can start preparing for the course in Seefeld, which will be discussed in step 2.


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