Step 2 – Seefeld

Learn Dutch with friends

Your Dutch classes will begin at home: with our custom-made e-learning program, you will master the basics of Dutch in 4 weeks. While the program uses an online environment, there will be regular contact moments with our teachers to evaluate your progress and help you get the most out of the course.

The Dutch learning continues in the Austrian village of Seefeld, where during 3 months, you will learn to speak Dutch at a B2 level, which is required to be able to work in the Netherlands without supervision. However, this period is more than just a course. Included in the 500 learning hours are not just traditional language classes, but also games and other fun activities that make language-learning dynamic. This way, you will not only learn the language quickly but also enjoy using it.

While the training will help you learn to express yourself in every situation, we pay special attention to dentistry. We don’t just teach you all the words and phrases you need to know as a dentist, but we have also developed role-playing games to help you put your knowledge to practice. In addition, we have computers with Dutch dentistry software with which you can practice during the three months training. After your time in Seefeld, you’ll be able to work in the exact same way as a Dutch dentist.

Perhaps the most important part of this part of the process is that you’ll be living and learning with fellow dentists. Like-minded people who, in addition to sharing your profession, have also dedicated themselves fully to this exciting new step in their careers and lives. After three months, you’re guaranteed to proceed to the Netherlands a group of close friends.

We can positively say that Seefeld is an experience that will last you a lifetime.

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