Step 6 – Accelerate your career

We always stay in touch

You speak Dutch, you’re enjoying Dutch life, and you have a nice job at a great clinic. What now?

Even after you’ve fulfilled your objective of finding work in the Netherlands, BGB can still help you make the difference. We have a co-operation with the ACTA, allowing us to offer you free access to conferences, courses and other dentistry-related events throughout the entire year. You have the ambition to grow as a dentist, and we make sure to give you all the tools to help you rank among the best professionals in your field.

During your time with BGB, we see and treat you as a colleague in the same way as our internal employees. This means we’ll invite you to company events, ranging from dinners to the celebration of the Dutch Sinterklaas holiday. And of course, we’ll also be there for you if you need any work-related advice.

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